Robert Pijpers
Robert is a PhD Fellow at the University of Oslo and co-convenor of the EASA Anthropology of Mining Network and the AEGIS Resource Extraction in Africa working group. In 2016 Robert initiated and developed Resource Worlds in order to create a public space for accessible and engaging discussions about the role of natural resource extraction in society. Besides developing and moderating Resource Worlds on ongoing basis, he is also one of the editors.
Lorenzo D´Angelo
Lorenzo D´Angelo obtained his PhD in the Anthropology of the Contemporary in 2011 from the University of Milan-Biccoca (Italy), where he currently teaches Cultural Anthropology. Lorenzo is also co-convenor of the EASA Anthropology of Mining network. His research (historical and ethnographic in nature) focuses on different aspects of artisanal mining in Sierra Leone. Lorenzo is one of the editors of Resource Worlds.