Robert Pijpers

Robert is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Institute of Social And Cultural Anthropology, University of Hamburg, and co-convenor of the EASA Anthropology of Mining Network and the AEGIS Resource Extraction in Africa collaborative research group. His research focuses on both large and small-scale resource extraction, predominantly in West Africa. In 2016, Robert initiated and developed Resource Worlds together with Lorenzo D´Angelo . Besides developing and moderating Resource Worlds on ongoing basis, he is also one of the editors.

Lorenzo D´Angelo

Lorenzo D´Angelo obtained his PhD in the Anthropology of the Contemporary in 2011 from the University of Milan-Biccoca (Italy), where he is currently a Post-doctoral fellow. Lorenzo is also co-convenor of the EASA Anthropology of Mining network. His research (historical and ethnographic in nature) focuses on different aspects of artisanal mining in Sierra Leone. Recently he has started a field research on agricultural systems in Tanzania. Lorenzo is one of the editors of Resource Worlds.