Contributions can draw upon different approaches, as long as they relate to the role of natural resource extraction in society. Furthermore, as Resource Worlds is meant for everybody interested in natural resource extraction, contributions should be written in an accessible and engaging style and avoid unneccesary jargon.  There are several ways of contributing to Resource Worlds.

Digging with Words. Contributions under this section are predominantly textual, although integration of image, sound or video, as well as the use of hyperlinks is highly appreciated. The word limit for textual contributions is 1,200 words.

Exhibitions. This section is a gallery portraying the diversity of natural resource extraction research through images taken by the contributors. Contributors can submit one image under a predefined theme with a short explanatory text (maximum 60 words). As soon as an exhibition is published, the upcoming theme is announced. Copyrights remain with the contributor.

Pebbles & Gems. This section is a mixed zone or jukebox. Contributions can be, for example, book reviews, videos, sound recordings or excerpts from interviews. The word limit for this section is 1,200 words.

For the submission of contributions, to discuss potential collaborations, to contact one of our contributors and further questions please contact us personally or via info (at)